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Caught this great article from yesterday's New York Times Magazine! Lots of insight into showrunner Moira Walley-Beckett's intentions for Anne and parallels drawn to her other work (most notably as writer of probably the most notorious episode of Breaking Bad ever!)

One bit of less-wonderful news, though: it seems that Netflix has decided to rename the show. The simple and to-the-point Anne is now the clunkily-titled Anne With an "E", which sounds absolutely juvenile to me, and seems to completely negate everything Walley-Beckett is attempting to do with Anne.

But we'll live. In any case, you can follow the link to read the article and see the original images and a clip, but here is the article's text, since I know the article is behind one of those max-articles-a-month pay walls. I hate those.

The Other Side of Anne of Green Gables
A new Netflix series aims to explore the trauma behind the heroine. Is there a risk to rewriting a beloved book?

By Willa Paskin, April 27, 2017

Do you know Anne Shirley? You would like her. Everybody does. A lively and optimistic survivor with a feverish imagination and unchecked enthusiasms, she is a redheaded outsider who becomes an insider without forsaking her peculiarities or her intelligence. An inadvertent feminist, an unrepentant romantic, a hot-tempered sprite, she’s impulsive, she’s dramatic, she’s smart, she’s funny, she insists on spelling her name with an E at the end because it “looks so much nicer.” She speaks in exclamation marks and italics even when in the “depths of despair,” which, as an abused child, she knows a thing or two about. She is perpetually seeking “kindred spirits.” She loves trees and stories and nut-brown hair and will burn whatever is in the oven while dreaming about trees and stories and nut-brown hair. She can heal an infant with the croup, but she “cannot tie [herself] down to anything so unromantic as dishwashing” at “thrilling” moments or be asked to eat anything “so unromantic [as boiled pork and beans] when one is in affliction.” She is small and freckled and indefatigable. She is nearly 110 years old.

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A few icons I created from the official stlls for the show. So many beautiful shots!

Please credit [personal profile] sugar :)


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